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Interior Design Ideas and Resources

Interior design is of course largely a matter of personal choice these days. With island based retailers such as Ikea able to provide the basics for the creation of a wide range of different styles and looks.

However, many property owners on Lanzarote like to create a more individual and authentic look, often in the process paying homage to both the architectural and design styles of the past as well as the more contemporary influences that form part of the legacy of the famous local artist César Manrique, who had a hand in creating some of the most stylish residences on the island.

Traditional Island Design Influences

As in much of the Canaries Lanzarote's building stock today is a real mish-mash of styles, with interior design styles usually reflecting the period in which the property itself was built.

Older edifices on the island are imbued with many obvious Moorish and Andalusian influences, evident for example in their white washed walls and the use of wooden balconies - a very lean and clean look that still has enormous relevance and resonance today, especially amongst fans of the minimalist school of architecture and design.

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These thick walled houses were built in the 17th and 18th centuries, usually for local merchants and gentleman soldiers and reflect a period of great prosperity for Spain as the empire evolved. With Lanzarote and the Canaries lying at the heart of the trade of exporting slaves to the New World in return for Inca silver and gold.

Traditionally, many of these houses featured an internal uncovered central patio (designed to provide some outdoor space out of the wind), which is still visible on many older buildings today, although in the last 50 years more and more owners have tended to cover these up.

Smaller rural homes may also boast other traditional features such as external Canarian bread ovens and old school water desalination closet. If your property boasts this sort of feature be sure to maintain and highlight these elements.

For More Inspiration...

Teguise, the old island capital, is the place to head for to take in the oldest buildings on the island, many of which boast these colonial and Andalusian influences. Visitors can also explore the interior of a traditional merchant's house at the Palacio Spinola, now home to Lanzarote's Timplé museum for further inspiration.

The Manrique Factor

The famous island born artist César Manrique championed these traditional forms throughout his working life. Whilst also adding, in his own inimitable style, an additional layer of 70's inspired sophistication, which is evident in all of his creations on Lanzarote.

For example, the traditional Andalusian design style of white washed walls is carried through to the Nth degree, right through to even the floors and ceilings, at his former home in Tahiche, now the HQ of the César Manrique Foundation, where a number of subterranean rooms and chambers have been carved out from the surrounding volcanic lava fields. Necessitating the maximum introduction of natural light via the use of such reflective colours and surfaces.

Sharp zingy accent colours, such as oranges and reds are utilised in upholstery or within the frames of strategically sited artworks, whilst the indoor/outdoor feel of the traditional Canarian patio is updated with an exterior entertaining area that also offers shelter from the wind.

For More Inspiration...

Anyone hoping to get the 'Lanzarote look' should definitely take in all of Manrique's main creations, especially the César Manrique Foundation in Tahiche and the Casa Museo Manrique in Haria. A very similar style is also employed at LagOmar, the former home of Omar Sharif in Oasis de Nazaret.

Shopping Resources

Lanzarote isn't overly blessed with great retail outlets, but of course online shopping makes this less of a problem these days. For those looking to inject a little more individuality than is afforded by a visit to Ikea there are a few outlets worthy of mention where you can pick up stylish furniture and accessories.

The owners of this cutting edge boutique in the centre of the island capital Arrecife have their fingers on the pulse of the latest design trends and work with all of the hottest names from Arketipo to Ycami.
Address: Calle Jose Antonio 30, Arrecife

Arts and repro antiques from around the world are on offer at this former cinema located in the old capital of Teguise. This is a great place to shop for furniture too, with a wealth of items sourced from China.
Address: Calle Notas 15, Teguise